Like any gaming platform there are tournaments in slot online games as well. The slot tournaments are pretty big deal for all slot enthusiast to earn more cash prizes. To put it casually, a player can opt to be in the tournament and thus challenge to be on top of leader-board. You win by challenging the fellow slot players and go further up ahead.

There are different rules to cover-
1. Entry fee (optional)
2. Format
3. Length
Some of the slot tournament do not charge entry but lets the player win real cash-prizes with the condition of registering with the site, but the bigger the tournament gets, the entry fee to increases. The land tournaments are basically to gather as much as you can. But the slot online tournaments, can differ in the format and length.
It can go on for days, week or a month. It depends on the rules of the tournament. The prizes can be around 50dollar to 100dollar. There are additionally terms and conditions before cashing out the entire money. There are some tournaments that guarantee a prize-money of 1000dollar. That’s a lot of money?
Now, how to win it?
1. Get a computer with a good RAM and software no connection issues.
2. For practice, start with free tournaments. They won’t be like the actual big prize money ones, but practice makes a man perfect.
3. Time is precious. The moment a player starts, he/she shouldn’t stop spinning until time gives you away.
4. Get some wrist-exercise, there are no auto-play. Thus, the player has to do lot of clicking.
5. Most important, keep note of time and date of the tournament.
6. Re-buys should be used carefully.
7. The faster you play, the better
8. Play for the maximum betting amount.
9. Have fun.